So welcome to the new MH4OT website! Over the last couple of months I’ve been talking to members of the MH4OT Facebook group and getting opinions on what online resource members would find most useful. Using this feedback I started piecing this website together!

As you may be able to see the site doesn’t have a whole lot of stuff on it just yet but this will change! At the current stage I’ve just got the shell and design of the site up to a level that I’m happy with….next stage is to fill it with content. Then after that will be the beginning of what will be a constant refining process using feedback from members on the forum page and the fb page to continually update and modernise the site J

I will state that the aim of this page is not to replace the Facebook group which is proving most popular and I’m very proud of. The aim is to supplement it with functionalities that are going to expand what our group of MH OT’s are capable of. It is also hoped that it will help to promote the MH4OT branding and attract more members who are looking for a place to share, learn and expand their knowledge base with their peers.

Just remember, as with the FB group, this site is for MH OT’s by MH OT’s and you will only get back what you put in…..so get involved.

Welcome to www.mh4ot.com



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