Pearson ‘Always Learning’ Award Winner Announced

The Pearson Always Learning Award for Occupational therapists was decided and this year was awarded to Glenda van de Ven-Long.Mrs van de Ven-Long was selected for the inaugural Pearson Always Learning award for occupational therapists by a panel of judges. Specialising in working with people with a dual diagnosis where mental health illness, substance use disorders and/or brain injury collide, she is a rare therapist who can attend to clients with multiple disorders.

“It is such an honour to be acknowledged by both the Pearson clinical assessment team as well as my peers,” she said. “The prize money will go a long way in supporting my study.”

Mrs van de Ven-Long will investigate how mentorship and clinical supervision programes are run in order to bring knowledge, resources and skills to New Zealand practitioners and patients. “My vision is to inspire other New Zealand occupational therapists to up-skill in the area of working with people who present with multiple and complex behaviours and needs.”

Mention also needs to go to OT4OT’s Merrolee Penman who was also a finalist for the award as was mentioned in a previous post. Congratulations Merrolee and best of luck with your research project.

The full article can be found here:



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