Nigerian Tertiary Health Institutions Encouraged to Develop Occupational Therapists

In the news yesterday was a story from Africa where the Medical Director (Dr Rahman Lawal) of a Psychiatric Hospital in Lagos has stepped up and stated that “specialty of occupational therapy was not accorded its rightful position.”

Lawal, who noted that since its establishment, the School of Occupational Therapy had increased professionalism, however called for the training of more occupational therapists to meet the demand locally and abroad.

He has started advocating to other tertiary health institutions in Nigeria to help development of occupational therapy as a medical profession by introducing courses and programs that would enable affiliation with the School of Occupational Therapy, Oshodi, Lagos.

He said, “the occupational therapy that was almost in extinction has been revived. There were only three practicing occupational therapists in Nigeria when we began, now there are over 12. We started from less than six students and only one department and yet these are professionals required all over the country, but I make bold to say the foundation has been laid. Our school is going to produce future professors. Many of our students have traveled abroad, while some of them are on the path to becoming lectures in Nigerian universities in the near future.”

Read all about it here:



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