The First Nationwide Study of Schizophrenia Treatment

The first nationwide study of schizophrenia treatments begins this month, examining the drugs and doses given to 600 patients. Doctors from Kuwait and Qatar will also take part in the study, the first of its kind in the Gulf.

It is being run jointly by the Ministry of Health, the Health Authority-Abu Dhabi and a drug company, AstraZeneca.

Dr Tarek Abdulla Darwish, a consultant psychiatrist and the medical director of the Behavioural Sciences Pavilion at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, stated he is worried about the lack of available information because proper medication is essential for managing the condition.

“Are our psychiatrists still using old drugs?” asked Dr Darwish. “Or are they only using new drugs? Are they using the drugs according to clinical guidelines, or are they choosing not to abide by them?”

The research will be used to look at the efficacy of different treatments but also to standardize treatments around the countrys.

Read the full article here:



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