MH4OT Dictionary


some of you may have seen the tweet posted yesterday stating that I was working on a major update for the Glossary….well its COMPLETED! It now contains more then 60 pages of terms, acronyms and their definitions!!! That works out to be about 900 terms and acronyms!!!

It has been renamed to the MH4OT Dictionary because the aim is for it to contain anything and everything you might come across in your clinical practice. I’ve deliberately left assessment acronyms off the list but stay tuned for an update about that in the near future 🙂

Of course every country and service is different so not all of these terms and acronyms will be used in your place of service. If your unsure check with you boss/senior/supervisor.

as with before if there are any terms that you cant seem to find in the list leave a comment and ill find them and add them for you. if you know of a term that’s not there then please comment with the term and what it means and ill add it 🙂


MH4OT Dictionary



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