Linda’s Daily Living Skills Super-Long List of all the OT Blogs She Knows

Linda Harrison posted this post on her amazing blog (Linda’s Daily Living Skills) yesterday. I believe that this is one of those resources that the online OT community needs and it fits very well into what we’re trying to do here at There are hundreds and thousands of resources out there in the wide world of web but very few (easy to access and use) places that actually collate and catalogue these resources. This blog list is one example of amazing resources being brought together for the easy access and user friendliness of the wider OT community….there are def a few on here that I have not come across yet in my online travels and shall be eagerly checking out!

I’m hoping to update our own OT blogs section with any that I’ve missed in the near future but till then please check out Linda’s brilliant post and even more brilliant blog!



2 thoughts on “Linda’s Daily Living Skills Super-Long List of all the OT Blogs She Knows

  1. Thanks Brock! I love what you are doing with MH4OT. I am impressed by the online OT community, but I think you are right that we have a ways to go in terms of collating the information. It’s just so cool to connect with other OTs across the world!

    • Technology and what it allows us to do nowadays is simply astonishing, it can be difficult (but is necessary) for our profession to stay on top of it. Overall I think we’re ahead of the curve but there is always room for improvement!

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