UK National Bipolar Awareness Day 2012

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A public education campaign, Bipolar Awareness Day will be launched on Wednesday 27 June 2012 by Bipolar UK, the Royal College of Psychiatrists and Bipolar Scotland.

What are the aims of the Bipolar Awareness Day?

The intention of Bipolar Awareness Day is to raise awareness and understanding of bipolar and its prevalence in the UK.

It is envisaged the campaign will develop to be an annual event with each year focusing on a particular aspect of this severe mental illness. In the first year, we plan to focus on the length of time (an average of just over ten years) it takes to receive a correct diagnosis.

Our objective is that medical professionals, individuals affected by bipolar and the general public are all better informed about the condition, and this will contribute to people receiving an accurate diagnosis in a shorter period of time.

What is the background to the 2012 Awareness Day?

  • NICE guidelines on bipolar disorder note that there can be an average 8 years’ delay from a patient’s first recollected mood disorder to receiving a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Research suggests the average period is just over ten years.
  • Bipolar often remains unrecognised in patients, resulting in suboptimal treatment and an increase in overall total healthcare costs.
  • Earlier diagnosis and treatment in bipolar disorder can improve prognosis (course and outcome) and improve treatment response.
  • Bipolar affects approximately 1% to 2% of people in the UK.

Check on Wednesday 27 June for more information, including podcasts and the results of our recent bipolar surveys.



3 thoughts on “UK National Bipolar Awareness Day 2012

    • Firstly this isn’t my “presentation,” take that argument up with the lovely people at Secondly I agree with you that the severity does vary with every person and I do respect your opinion but the fact is that it can be a serious condition for some people. Thirdly, if its not treated adequately the common cold can be lethal…

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