OT4OT mentioned in Austrailan Journal of Occupational Therapy

So its just been brought to my attention that the wonderful amazing Merrolee Penman has been quoted in an article in the latest edition of the Australian Journal of Occupational Therapy. The article titled, “‘Leadership through an occupational lens” by Sylvia Rodger from the University of Queensland talks about the revolutionary work that the OT4OT group has started. She is quoted as describing them as, “An enterprising group,” who, “established OT4OT with a Facebook page, a website and a mission to help occupational therapists to utilise the wide range of social networking technology available to them.”

OT4OT founding member Merrolee Penman was quoted in the article as saying, “‘If you believe that something is important, then find a group of like-minded people who share a common vision to achieve it. It’s not about me: By working as a small focused group we demonstrated the “power of we is so much greater than the power of me”

The article groups Merrolee and OT4OT in with other esteemed OT’s such as Matthew Molineux, Geoff Lau and Christine Coop.

Bravo to Merrolee and Congrates to OT4OT on the excellent exposure! I emplore everyone to have a read as its a brilliant article.

For those that are interested in having a read heres the abstract:
Rodger, S. (2012) Leadership through an Occupational Lens: Celebrating our territory. Australian Occupational Therapy Journal59, 172–179



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