Hello All!

Hello All!

As you may have found out, I’ve recently been given the honour of helping Brock with the world of MH4OT – something I readily jumped at when offered, however haven’t really had the opportunity until now to sit down and work on (for a variety of different reasons).  HOWEVER, that’s all about to change!

To kick things off, I first wanted to do a quick entry to introduce myself and give you guys a little insight into the world that is Rhiannon.  I graduated as an Occupational Therapist from the University of Queensland in 2008.  Owing to various circumstances, I didn’t actually start work as an OT straight away after I finished uni, and instead ended up working in the Real Estate industry for about a year after graduating (and detested every minute of it!).  After a very long and drawn out 12 months, I finally got my first job as an OT working for a private company in Brisbane in the Occupational Rehabilitation industry.  Although I am very thankful for my experience in the area I never really felt as though I belonged there, and to be honest never really enjoyed my job.  The experience was fantastic and I learnt SO much in the time that I was there, but my heart was never really into it.  Since my last Prac Placement in uni, I’ve always had the desire to work in Mental Health.  To this day I don’t know why and can’t explain it – I just always knew that that’s the area I wanted to work in.

As fate would have it, after 18 months working in the Occ Rehab sector I eventually moved on, and in December 2011 took on a Locum Position working in the Mental Health area.  The facility that I work in provides rehabilitation services for people with chronic mental health issues who at the current time aren’t able to live unsupported in the community, or who require extended support and rehabilitation before returning to independent living.  From the second I walked through that door on my first day of work I LOVED IT and have never looked back since.

As you can see, I am still only very new to the Mental Health area, and while it’s been a challenging 9 months, I have loved every minute of it, and now remember why even as a student on Prac Placement – I knew I wanted to work in Mental Health.  While Brock has significantly more experience under his belt with working in Mental Health, I hope to bring a new dynamic to the MH4OT team – looking at things from a ‘new starter’ perspective, and giving as much help and advice as I can for those starting work in the Mental Health area.  I hope to share stories along the way (both the great and not so great!), along with tips and advice where I can.  Overall, I hope that we can all grow together as clinicians and help each other out as needed.  After all, it takes a special kind of person to work in Mental Health and I think we should always be celebrating and promoting the amazing role that we Occupational Therapists have in this diverse and interesting area.

Until next time folks,



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