A brilliant overview of Social Media’s rightful place in CPD for OT’s 🙂


According to my Facebook Timeline I joined on the ‘20th August 2007’ which is just under a year after it opened to everyone over 13. I have found it (and Twitter) to be invaluable tools for professional networking and personal pleasure.

In Dec 2011 Sarah Bodell and Angela Hook from Salford University wrote an opinion piece for the British Journal of Occupational Therapy called: ‘Using Facebook for professional networking: a modern-day essential’ in which they discuss the value of facebook for networking – well worth a read.

In my post I’m going to cover some general points about using facebook:

  • The difference between friends, groups and pages.
  • How to review your privacy settings and consideration about whether anything is actually private.
  • Brief consideration of Professionalism and use of social media.



Obviously connecting to friends is the reason for facebook’s existence. It is up to your judgement whether…

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