Another thought provoking blog post by Allison Sullivan

The World of Mentalists

Hello TWOM folks. @allisulli back with another blog. For those of you who don’t know me, or missed my first blog here, this is what I was thinking back in October on World Occupational Therapy Day.

What inspired me to take another swing at blogging is my persistent, chronic insomnia. Insomnia is a very common “occupational barrier” (as we OTs like to call it), and it seems to make its unwelcome presence known frequently in the world of mentalists. A quick look around twitter seems to bear this out:

@VexedLes shared this tweet:

Sleep aid, not working. Emo stability, wavering. Mental processing, rage. Deep breathing & relaxation is making me wild eyed. #BPD #insomnia

@UnstableWarrior reported:

Blogging took off some of the extra tension from this evening, but I’m still wide awake. #insomnia I deserve it. I feel awful.

And @underthebpd noted:

I can tell you what isn’t happening. Sleep…

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