Setting up a Sensory Modulation Room?

A sensory room is basically a room where a person can visit and use different items or activities that are aimed at elevating or lowering the stimulation of different senses. When used appropriately, sensory rooms: 

  • Help to create a safe space
  • Facilitate the therapeutic alliance
  • Provide opportunities for engagement in prevention and crisis de-escalation strategies, as well as a host of other therapeutic exchanges (to teach skills, offer a variety of therapeutic activities, etc.) 
  • Promote self-care/self-nurturance, resilience & recovery

Currently Sensory modulation is being used as an tool in seclusion and restraint reduction in mental health units in numerous countries. Seclusion and restraint reduction is an integral part of ever increasing need to improve client safety and quality of stay on mental health units.  Continue reading

OT’s Lend Me Your Ears and Minds

I was talking with an AMAZING colleague tonight who posed a project for me and whoever else was willing to help me.

The idea is this:
A new website targeting people with mental illness or those who know someone with a mental illness that can provide targeted information about the very basic skills needed to get help for themselves/loved ones, some basic techniques/tools for the public to use to help their loved ones all with a heavy loading of how OT fits into mental healthcare and what we are able to provide to them/their loved ones.

As this is the earliest of early stages in this project I’m really looking for lots of feedback/ideas and any thoughts on if you would be interested in helping (even in the smallest capacity) in a project such as this.

I anticipate that this project would be resource heavy for startup but once launched would be extremely low maintenance, much less work then the mh4ot site.

So I’m keen and eager to hear from everyone!


Nigerian Tertiary Health Institutions Encouraged to Develop Occupational Therapists

In the news yesterday was a story from Africa where the Medical Director (Dr Rahman Lawal) of a Psychiatric Hospital in Lagos has stepped up and stated that “specialty of occupational therapy was not accorded its rightful position.” Continue reading

Mental Health Rehabilitation in the 50’s and Symptoms of Schizophrenia from the 40’s

Just found this video on Youtube. It seems like a promotional video, somewhat scripted but its incredibly interesting and does mention Occupational Therapy (whilst the client weaves and paints) …

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$6m to tackle indigenous suicides in Western Australia

The Australian government has pledged 6million dollars over four years in the Kimberly region of Western Australia, for community-based suicide prevention strategies with and initial outlay of 1.5mil.

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