A Student’s perspective: ‘Exploring the use of theoretical application in practice’

A guest Post by Michelle Perryman, a 2nd year MSc Occupational Therapy Student (Accelerated Route) from the UK


Over the past two years, i have asked Occupational Therapist’s (OT’s) which theory underpins their practice? I was told the 100% of theoretical consideration I seek would only contribute to around 30% of my reasoning’s in the ‘real world’. Furthermore, at times evidence-based practice will not be mentioned.  As a result, I observed. So what did I find? Although, the professionals did not verbally link theory, this however, was projected by their practice, I found the OT’s employing Frames of references  (FORs) such as the client centered approach to the behavioral FOR (and more). So I questioned? Why is the expression of evidence based practice important if its already being used? Continue reading

The First Nationwide Study of Schizophrenia Treatment

The first nationwide study of schizophrenia treatments begins this month, examining the drugs and doses given to 600 patients. Doctors from Kuwait and Qatar will also take part in the study, the first of its kind in the Gulf. Continue reading

Links to Schizophrenia

There has been a few articles floating around in the news recently about the links to schizophrenia and using them as predictors to future development of the disorder. This is a topic that everyone who works within mental health probably has a different opinion or experience. Continue reading

Postnatal Depression for Fathers??

A new study has revealed that fathers are equally as likely to experience postnatal depression as their partner during the first 12 months of their child’s life. It was found that fathers under the age of 30 were 40% more likely to get postnatal depression then fathers over 30.
Continue reading