Allison Sullivan on Combating Moral Distress

Allison Sullivan on Combating Moral Distress

A fantastic post about combating Moral Distress.

Allison Sullivan: @allisulli

The World of Mentalists

[Today is World Occupational Therapy Day. Rather fittingly, today we have a guest post by Allison Sullivan, a Massachusetts-based occupational therapist. This post contains potential triggers for suicide and sexual assault]


Hello fellow fans of TWOM: This is @allisulli here. First, a disclosure: I am not a blogger-yet. I was invited to submit a blog for TWOM, however, and since I enjoy this resource so much, I thought it a good opportunity to shed my non-blogger status and give it a whirl. As my teenager is fond of noting, #YOLO. So here goes:

The past month has been supremely challenging to me. A close friend of mine from college killed himself after a long struggle with mental illness and substance abuse.  In trying to cope with the loss of this important person in my life, @CarlDunnJr and @homefronthugs were both very supportive in sharing some wonderful…

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